Children's playgrounds and sports complexes

    Company "DUCOR LLC" has won ТМ «KIDIGO». Wide range of products under the brand name «KIDIGO» variety of different prices, design and execution. Playgrounds and playgrounds are manufactured by our company meet European standards.


    On our site you can get acquainted with the detail offered by us. Your attention Playgrounds , sports complexes, Children's sandbox IPN , street furniture as our production and diverse products manufactured in Europe, including the Czech Republic, Italy and Poland. All products are manufactured using advanced European technology and environmental friendliness and quality materials define security products. The skill of our staff, their years of experience with children and sports facilities provide consistently high quality products and strict observance of the terms of manufacture.

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KIDIGO is having its activities in production of the components for the sport and playgrounds. Our products can be used for the children’s and junior’s leisure and dedicated for arrangement of the physical activities.

Different equipment for the playgrounds

You can find your look of the playground and equip it differently. You will have everything the children need, to address their age and interests. If appears the game occurs simultaneously, the various play themes can be carried out in these constructed spaces. Important aspect is also the playground location

 We offer to our Clients the following specification of the playground components:

Our Clients can purchase the playgrounds for a country-house, yard, day-care center, park, in the other words, for any place with children and parents are looking forward to recreation.

Design and spatial layout

Keeping the design appearance of the playgrounds up is of the large importance. The KIDIGO™ is championing for these provisions. To your convenience, we can either offer many ready-made spatial layouts for the children’s fun or to execute the customized designs according to your style.

The most popular playgrounds are being made from wood. The advantage of wood is in its environmental sustainability and safety. In addition, part of the creative project, the designers know, how to transfigure the wooden structures to look out in the most fun, exquisite and bright way. The young Clients will surely appreciate the things. Our photos of the playgrounds from wood are worth a thousand words.

Buying options

The online shop KIDIGO™ comes up with the variable pricing and flexibility. Our consultants can best fit the playground you may like to your family budget and explain you the difference in pricing. The shop’s delivery system can serve the cities of Kiev, Odessa, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov and Lvov.



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