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Terms of production

Term of manufacturing equipment - 21 working days after 70% deposit.

Particularly large orders (100 000 UAH.) Are discussed individually depending on the load of production. If you have ordered equipment stock companies shipped within 2-3 days after 100% payment.

Payment for the equipment is carried out on the account and / or specifications, which are prepared by employees of the Supplier.

Payment for the delivery is carried out on the following conditions:

Kiev, Kiev region, Zhytomyr, Zhytomyr region

1. If you order more than USD 200,000. - free delivery.

2. In order to 200.000 USD. - The cost of delivery negotiated depending on order volume.

Other regions of Ukraine:

1. If you order more than USD 400,000. - free delivery.

2. In another case, the cost of delivery is discussed individually.

Delivery of the equipment from the production to the installation carried out by transport organized by Buyer or Buyer's expense.


Playgrounds for children, Sports playgrounds, Street furniture:

- Self-delivery from warehouse: Zhitomir region. Town Pulinu (Chervonoarmeysk)
Trampolines, Smart cars, Go-karts, Football table, Sleigh:

- Self-delivery from warehouse: village Belogorodka, 98, Shchorsa str., wharehouse #2

Installation of the equipment can be carried out as follows:

1. The equipment may be mounted installation teams Supplier Buyer specified location. All costs for the installation are included in the cost of installation. The cost of installation - 15% in Kiev, Zhitomir, Kiev and Zhytomyr regions and 25% in other regions of Ukraine.

The minimum amount of editing 1200 UAH. in the presence of the facility necessary materials for concrete.

The minimum amount of editing 1500 UAH. ensuring all necessary materials by the Supplier.

2. The supervision of equipment is carried out by the master installation from our company to the place of installation of the equipment. Buyer must provide housing representative at the time of installation supervision. The cost of materials, providing all the necessary tools are assigned to the Buyer. Installation supervision is carried out from 9.00 to 18.00, but not necessarily in the daytime and not more than 6 hours per day fee contract supervision - 1500 UAH. per day.

3. Installation of equipment for the customer yourself. Assembly and installation in this case, the customer alone. In this case, the supplier is not responsible for the quality of installation and product damage incurred due to improper assembly.

Product Warranty: 12 months.

The products are manufactured from certified raw materials.

Supplier guarantees the quality and reliability of the product as a whole, provided the assembly's installation (installation) of goods by the Supplier's compliance with the Purchaser terms of transportation, storage and use in accordance with the "Instructions for storage and use of the goods."


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