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How are we doing this for you?

Child - is the new young life. So important if this life is luminous and enriched from the beginning! Every kid is like a sponge, absorbing everything that surrounds. KIDIGOTM  cares about children crafting the bright and interesting; promoting development and the personal growth; as well as safe and reliable of the high quality playground components. We are looking forward to the ways of transforming the world of everyday commonalities into a luminous Magic.

Quality, safety and the original design are the three basic rules of our production.

Our playgrounds are the product that accumulated a wide experience in the line of the playgrounds and sport structures for children. Our production facilities have the 10 years’ experience in construction of the wooden houses and the other small architectural forms. Production process takes place in a specialized workshop.

In our workshop, the Miracle is being born, first of all, from a planning. The different ages of children may respond differently to the particular playgrounds; interests, motivation for playing are the edge. These magic activities generate our best designers, engineers, design manages, engaged in prototyping and customizing the options for you.

We are manufacturing the classic line of the playground structures and playground components as well as the exclusive line customized special for our customers to be different from everybody.

This particular detailed layout comes true as the grandiose fairy affaire, a symphony of different playgrounds, swings, bridges, transformed slides and the sandboxes. High quality, original and bright design, the functional capabilities and safety of our playground structures comes up to the first-class world standards of manufacturing are competitive with the foreign analogs.

In production we use materials of the exceptionally high quality and reliability:

1) Laminated waterproof beam.

2) Prime quality water resistant plywood.

3) Metal slides from the food-grade stainless steel.

4) Galvanized fastening.

5) Metal tubes of different diameters.

6) Best EU paints, primers and antiseptics.

7) Super-durable EU flooring for the walkways, bridges and steps. Shall be used the special anti-sliding board.

8) Treatment of all wooden ends executed with the special European coating which keeps the original appearance of wood for a long time.

To strengthen the deep shine and increase durability of the wood and metal elements we are coating wood with the two layers of the high-quality glossy paint from the European manufacturer.

The metal elements shall be coated with the primer and the paints.

At a stage of the design work shall be taken into account one of the main aspects is the safety of the children. It is very important that a playing and cheering up kid be safe and protected.

Our children's and sports equipment designed and manufactured in full compliance with the following GOST Standards:

1)  GOST R 52167-2003 "Playground components. Safety of the structure and methods of test for the swings.General requirements.

2)  GOST R 52168-2003 “Playground components.Safety of the structure and methods of test for the slides.General requirements.”

3) GOST R 52169-2003 “Playground components.Safety of the structure and methods of test for the swings.General requirements.”

4) GOST R 52299-2004 “Playground components.Safety of the structure and methods of test for the swings.General requirements.”

5) GOST R 52300-2004 “Playground components.Safety of the structure and methods of test for the merry-go-rounds. General requirements. “

6) GOST R 52301-2004 “Playground components. Operational safety.” 

The play system components designed safe to avoid jams and damage to the body and to the clothes of a child. All the sides, edges, points are necessarily rounded and safe. Slides have protective bars, railings and skirting at the starting area. Every small thing of any design is elaborated to the smallest detail, and is completely safe for your kids. Supporting structures must be durable and stable: places of welds, wooden surfaces thoroughly cleaned and polished. The design characterized with durability and wear resistance. The ideal combination of these features is in the focus of our crafts masters. We can solve a wide range of tasks of urban improvement. Application of the up-to-date technologies, the high qualification of our crafts masters, quality materials, and a desire to craft the enchanted world is in the heart of our big project.






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