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Presented here are the soft play modules and modular structures of the polymeric materials. We offer a wide range of flexible play modules for children for the commercial and domestic use, for planning the entertainment activities, leisure time activities, having the sports, corporate events using the playgrounds, parks, beaches, structures as well as for indoors. All products are manufactured in accordance with technic specifications, quality checked, have a functional packaging and completed repair kit. All soft play modules are provided with a package of technical documentation (User Guide, Conclusion of UkrSEPRO, Hygienic certificate, warranty card). Product warranty is 12 months of service. Production time per unit is 1-3 weeks. Upon the Client request we can develop an individual project and manufacture the products of all forms, fixtures, sizes and color schemes. We can place a logo, trademark of a customer's organization, design image or mold a shape of the inflatable product according to the trademark requirements. The product finishing incorporates the applique patterns and/or full color printing on PVC.

KIDIGO™ also produces the playgrounds, slides, sandboxes etc.

Product mix:

  • Park based leisure-time entertainments: trampolines, trampoline components,  auto tracks
  • Water based leisure-time entertainments: slides, pools, toboggans, aqua components
  • Sports pneumatic leisure-time entertainments: trampolines for interactive games, mazes, obstacle courses
  • The soft play modules: modular furniture, soft gym sets and pad blankets and the foot massage pad blankets; playpens, ball pits, and play shapes
  • Soft play modules: soft activity mats, fight-club floor-coverings.  

Exploring the world around, the kids just gushing of energy. They fill vital to spread energy at least somewhere. That is so good to spend time outdoors, on the playground in the warm weather - the excellent place for the leisure-time entertainments and to find peers for games. And, if it rains, and child is bored, and mom is too busy to pay much attention to their child what to do in this situation? 

Inflatable and soft play modules for children a lot of joy in a small space

Recently, the increasingly popular are soft play modules for kindergartens and homes. Made of foam and covered with bright and durable polymer cloth, they settled down in the game rooms shopping centers, kindergartens and even in apartments. The kids have about them all the possible utilities: assembling as kids soft blocks, building palaces and tunnels - sky is the limit to imagination of the children!

To game all ages yield surrender

Through the variety of soft play modules, colors and sizes of the inflatable playgrounds, children quickly learn various concepts, and the ease with which the can reconnect the giant figures, makes them feel stronger and nimble. Inflatable soft play blocks modules can develop imagination, logics and spatial reasoning. For the harmonious development of small individual socialization is very important. All kinds of team building games can use the kids soft blocks will give an unforgettable experience to you and your children. The youngest will be thrilled after the play with the soft baby rockers and the ball pits. While, the toddlers soft gym sets will please absolutely everyone.

Soft play modules have resistance to loads for a long time can retain their original shape. High-quality coating does not fade in the sun and easy for sanitation.

Product mix and delivery

With us you can buy the kids soft play modules of the following types.

  • Inflatable modules:
  • playground slides;
  • kids soft pattern blocks;
  • toddlers soft gym sets;
  • soft play modules;
  • Kids soft play blocks;
  • massage pad blanket;
  • Kids soft furniture;
  • team building games.

Order the products now on our site, and we will promptly deliver your purchase over Ukraine. Including in the cities of Kiev, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Lviv and Kharkiv.



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