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Colorful and bright modules for training small users.
Such rocking chairs are great for the youngest and very energetic children.
Children's street skeletons in three variations.
New successful project in the maternity hospital Leleka.
From June 14 until October 2013 we are looking forward to see you at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements VDNKh center in Kiev. Exhibitions, entertainments, concerts will start for you. You will be able to learn and try new things. Do not miss ART Picnic Glory Frolova in Kiev!
Exhibition ECO HOUSE – is the key event in the field of the sustainable civil construction to demonstrate to the Ukrainian consumer the entire range of the environmental building materials and technologies from the facilities for the country house to selection of the private land.
From a childhood you may recall the bright color and fragrant scent of strawberries, especially unforgettable and delicate is the flavor of the strawberries. You must know the strawberry as the Quinn of the berries! Nutritious, delicate, and tasty is what would the children and parents need at the moment? Therefore we had fun and games to stay aside from this bright, cheering up, tasty fest “The first strawberry fest.” This fest is really the all-family event! And our friendly family of the “magicians” has made our minds to share the cheering up activities during these several sunny days at the beautiful Feophaniya park. The fest will be interesting for those who want to get back from the city frustration into the strawberry-fairy tale, to hang out psychologically and physically enriched with the new ideas about home. All the imaginable master classes, many tasty and nutritious treats, fair of the small and things useful for home, the soft zone, entertainments for the youngest.
Do you like spring? Do you enjoy the beams of sunlight, songs of the birds and the smell of the green grass? Then we will invite you to join us in the garden. In the Botanic Garden named after Grishko we will be out tree unforgettable days. We will be outdoors bouncing on trampolines, lying in the heather, reading the books, watching the films and sky is the limit. Do you want to know more? We are looking forward to meet you on May 16th and 18th in the Botanic Garden named after Grishko. With love your “Magitians”.
We are in a hurry to share the news with you, our company has successfully participated in one of the most popular and respected building exhibition in Ukraine InterBuildExpo 2014, which took place from 26th to 29th of March in “KyivExpoPlaza”.Let us thank the guests of our showcase, we appreciate your visit. We also thank you for your interest and many interesting and curious questions.
The top prestigious and authoritative construction exhibition in Ukraine, being around since 1994, is “InterBudExpo” will introduce the new brand InterBuildExpo the confirmation of the innovative character and the leadership status. In 2013, the exhibition has represented 780 companies from 17 countries to serve 28 590 visitors.
The exhibition will represent the entire range of the mix for children of the different age groups, as well as will offer the education administration services in organization of education and leisure line for the children. Daily, the exhibition program has the diverse artistry master classes, playground environment fostered by the professional nannies and entertained by the animators, draw of prizes, entertaining competitions, environment of invention and valuable prises.
Fest of Gifts “Angels’ Fairy Workshop” December 7, 2013. Revival of the real family values, and of the culture of the family communication; preparation/purchase of the gifts on the eave of the winter holidays; entertainment programs for the large number of children and parents.
Not so long ago, October 5-6, 2013 the Palace of Children and Youth successfully passed the action "Holiday for parents and children" in the organization that helped: Center for Family Development "Family Circle" and "evidence of ideas - Club smart kids." Gathered a large number of small consumers baby products and their parents, who could easily jump on the trampoline, ride a Go-Karts and Smart Cars. Delight knew no bounds, all praise!
Two days of entertainment prepared for you by the organizers. October 5-6, we invite you, along with your babies on the feast of "responsible parenthood". October 6 additional program for expectant mothers and fathers. You will be a raffle and a sea of positive emotions. Your kids will be able to jump on the trampoline TM "Magic Workshop of the World", as well as ride a recumbent and funny Baby car "Smart car". The festivities will take place at: Metro Arsenal Street. Ivan Mazepa, 13, Palace of Children and Youth.
7-8 September 2013 in the main square of the country - Independence Square, held a global automotive autumn event "Drive show SKODA»!
On July 27, during the Volkswagen Fest UA 2013, on the territory of the country complex “Edem,” the children had an opportunity to bounce on our trampoline “MVM™.” All the children received a positive build up!
On April 6-7, as part of the “V-th All-Ukrainian Festival of the responsible parenthood” you will have an opportunity to explore the football table and trampoline of our brand “MVM™.” The other opportunity, a part at the Festival, you should not miss are the lectures, seminars and master-classes from the best professional staff of Kiev about preparation to the birthing, breast feeding and bringing up the children. You will have an opportunity to participate in the lotteries, merry-making contests; exposition of the drawings and in a fair. You are welcome to find us at address: Metro Obolon, 24/10 Malinovskogo str. (building with the Camels).
Even more benefit and enjoyment with the updated mix of the playgrounds and sport-and-fitness components!
Spring comes soon! Therefore, we have supplemented the product mix with the goods for the active leisure not only of the children but also of the grown-ups.
Free access to the trampoline from MVM™at the auto show “Shkoda,”which took place near the entertainment center “Blockbuster,” for entertainment and introduction to the visitors.
The hypermarket “Ashan” initialized the nationwide promotion initiative; the visitors would come forward with the table football game from “MVM™”.
In June, took place exhibition of the products from our company, where in the Pushkin park, we jointly with our partners, presented the trampoline to the free access of the children
During the football championship “Euro-2012”, the guests of the Lviv Arena have cheered up playing the table football from “MVM™.”
From August, restaurant Chaikoff on Shevchenko avenue is looking after the table football contests every second and the last Saturday of a month. The participants of this contest have an opportunity to cheer up learning more about our products.
In November, pub “Shultz,” in the mall ‘Ukraine’ took care for the table football contest. Our trademark “MVM™” provided the table football sets. Children and the grown-ups have awarded the high rating to the beautiful design and the top quality of our products.
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