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We are known as the Ukrainian trademark 
KIDIGO™. With us you are chosen to craft your world bright and interesting.  Under the slogan "FUN WITH BENEFIT!" we are doing all possible to make childhood of each of our kids a fun - the insightful, healthy and safe holiday.

Our product-range includes the following:

    - Playground complexes, play sets, swings and carousels; seesaws and slides for kids; sandboxes and steam trains; play-automobiles, kids houses and much more.

    - Sports grounds components, horizontal bars, parallel bars, deep rung arch climbers, gates and more.

    - Street furniture: benches, seats, litter bins, garden swings, arches, fencing.

    - Summerhouses and small hardscape elements of our producer.

    - Soft PVC gaming modules: kids soft blocks, ball pits. Toddlers soft gym sets, furniture and more.

    - Swedish wall bars for the interiors.

    - Gymnastics trampolines.

    - Table football.

    - The pedal go-karts.

    - Smart cars.

    - Winter product.

     - Products for toddlers.


Since 2007 our company represents tree well-known international elite-class brands from Italy, England and Czech Republic.  In 2008 we defined a purpose of our future production in Ukraine was in high quality – and, we decided to establish our own production of kids and sports equipment. As a result of three years of cooperation with the best world producers we gained a thing called work experience; we decided to be the best throughout technology, safety, functionality and to incorporate this experience into the national production under the trademark KIDIGO™


We are engaged in a production of playgrounds, sports and gym components, street furniture, everything that brings into our lives comfort, convenience and health. Our intention is to direct the efforts towards transforming every street, every corner of big cities and small villages into a domestic and safe piece of environment.

We have a very wide range of our production - playgrounds (the kids playground complexes, items of baby equipment, swings, carousels, seesaws, sandboxes, kids houses and others), street furniture (garden components, benches, seats, litter bins), sportground and playground components (sportground components, playgrounds, sport structures), summerhouses for kindergarten and any sheds, soft play modules, soft play blocks, and Swedish wall bars.

Comfortable kids sports corners filled up with the sounds of laughter; benches and sits for intimate conversations; sportgrounds for healthy and strong youth, and many other things make our life wonderful. The development of all the components, playgrounds, little things is a responsibility of the best professionals engaged into the incremental development ready to take into account all your requirements.  We use the high quality materials to ensure durability and strength, and, most importantly, security.

We give a smile to children, safety to parents, peace to grandparents by offering a wide range of street furniture and playgrounds to improve your life today.

We are confident that we will be able to keep your faith and trust in our products and services. After all, it is thanks to you, our customers we can be proud to have our products represented in dozens of cities and villages.

May our streets, parks, yards will be full of colors and fun of children's voices! We will always do our best to make you satisfied with our services 

       We are happy to give you a full range of services including consulting, estimating, measuring, as well as assembly and service!                                                                        



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