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Wooden summerhouses of solid and glued laminated timber.


Беседка Беседка

Беседка Беседка


To buy in Kiev: the summerhouses made of timber.

Summerhouse, garden house, gazebo, pavilion.


Increasingly popular, graceful structures for a spot in the yard, country-houses, villas, cottages are summerhouses. This is not surprising, after all, to relax in the air loves everyone. This structure makes a leisure time activities especially pleasant- moreover can contribute to the cultural identity and landscape of the site.


And, to make these structures even more appealing, the additional equipment, with the additional features is available to meet the sophisticated tastes of the modern inhabitant. For example, a very popular model is a wooden summerhouse with a wood-fired grill. It is not just a place to relax, but an opportunity to taste the delicious meals cooked on the fire/coals. No less popular are the garden house with a barbecue - where pleasure comes from the individual taste preferences of the owner, his/her family.

Equipped with a wood-fired grill or a fireplace for barbecue, gazebo is not more a simple decoration of the landscape can turn into a pavilion, where to accept the visitors, to arrange a noisy feast, or to organize a family holiday. If you want, you can convert such structure into a summer dining room or even a kitchen.


Construction advantages


The advantages of high-quality products for country-houses and private houses from glued laminated timber are:


·         an opportunity to design any form of garden pavilions and structures to ideally fit into the basic appearance of the site;

·         presentable, sophisticated look;

·         free from  deformation; can maintain the form for years, due to resistance to the moisture and the other atmospheric influences;

·         fire safety (due to the pressure treatment), compliance to all the quality standards; resistance  to wood-destroying fungus, mildew, pests;

·         high environmentally friendly materials and “warm” welcoming appearance.


Advantages of our products

Let us offer you the highest quality hardscape elements for your country-home and garden: wood gazebos (summerhouse) of all shapes and sizes: pergolas, trellis.


The manufacturers of summerhouse (gazebos) usually use the glued laminated or solid timber. Solid timber is considered less costly option making gazebos less durable with the characteristics down to those are made of the glued laminated timber. One of the most important moments in the manufacture of wooden summerhouses are properties of the industrial material i.e. lumber. The other important factor is the quality of treatment and the number of the layers. Wooden summerhouses should be treated with antiseptic. Ultimately, we design gazebos fireproof, resistant to atmospheric effects, antibacterial.


Low prices arise as the summerhouses are passing through the fabrication process started from utilizing the low-quality lumber, or the inferior-quality treatment, which cannot comply with the standards. In most cases, the manufacturers of cheap gazebos are saving on a quality of timber, and treatments, reducing a number of the layers with treatment and choosing the least expensive raw materials. Of course, if you decided to buy a summerhouse, which, in any case, does not come cheap, you might  expect using it for much more longer than 1, 3 or 5 years.


What do we offer?


The company offers a truly quality product - summerhouse from glued laminated timber passing the 5-stage treatment. Construction of gazebos involves processing with European treatment to guarantee durability and aesthetic appearance of gazebos.


The professionals of our company can shortly install a wooden summerhouse or the other hardscape element of your choice to create a beautiful space near your country-house.


We present to your attention an option of creating a wooden pergolas and trellises.


Wooden trellis- the hardscape elements made of a wooden lattice attached to the vertical supports to bear the plants.


A wooden pergola is one of the most popular hardscape elements for the garden and space near your country-house. Pergola is a structure of the similar pieces of arches connected by the transverse beams to protect the passage from the scorching sunshine. Wooden pergola can serve to connect the pavilions, may extend from the door of the building to the outdoor garden structure, the terrace or the pool, or be a standalone structure to create a beautiful space in the garden or yard of a country cottage. The variety of forms and designs allows you to choose the best option that perfectly matches the space near your country-house.


Garden summerhouse for your country-house can be a good investment. A good solution is to install, in summerhouse, the wood-fired grill, but the safest thing, then, is to use the gazebo made of metal.


If you are interested in our offer, for more detailed information, please contact our office phones.


Production of branded summerhouse (gazebos) for your garden.


We will fabricate any summerhouse (gazebo) for your taste.

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