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Soft Play Ball Pool KIDIGO™ Octahedron 1,5 m

Item No. 40019
Size 83х61х42
Вес: 10,2
Price: 5750 uah.

Purpose: Children's playrooms

We can produce the products of the individual sizes.

The estimated number of balls to fill up the soft play ball pool are:

1,5 х 1,5 x 0,4 -  600 pcs

There is a possibility of execution of soft modules in other colors. We provide a color palette on request, the delivery time is discussed separately.

There is a possibility of branding soft modules for you (with the help of logos, corporate colors,...), the delivery time is discussed separately.




Required number of balls (pcs)


Dimensions in assembled form (m)


Packing dimensions (m)


Volume (m3)


Weight, (kg)


Manufacturer country



- Foam (polyurethane foam) is using as the main filler. Highly elastic, increased stiffness, density 22kg / m3. Suitable for use in the furniture, clothing and medical industries, satisfy all medical safety criteria.

- PVC fabric is using for sewing covers (casings). Has a density of 630 g / m2, soft, elastic and wear-resistant. Has a bright and rich color. Excellent cleaning with a wet cloth and household detergents. Do not wet the cover.

- Velcro - textile fleecy, it is using for fastening various parts together, has a guaranteed number of connection-disconnect cycles - 1500.

- High-strength threads, 100% polyester (scope of use - sewing furniture, shoes, leather goods, high-strength technical seams)

- Lightning and fasteners are using for convenience stuffing products with filler.

All materials have hygienic certificates.


Soft modules are recommend for use in dry ventilated areas. Outdoor us is not desirable and is permissible only in dry weather. It is forbidden to wet the product and leave it wet after cleaning, as this will significantly reduce product life.


To remove dirt, you can use ordinary household detergents. After cleaning, wipe the product with a dry cloth.

It is forbidden to use cleaning products containing chlorine or strong chemicals and solvents.

Dry pool KIDIGO ™ Octagon 1.5 m

The filler is primarily foamed highly elastic polyurethane foam, of increased rigidity, density 22kg / sq. M., Foam rubber brand EL2240.

Top material - PVC fabric reinforced, with a density of 650g / sq. M with 1 sided varnish.

Dimensions - diameter - 1.5 m, thickness of the board 10 cm, height of the board 40 cm.

All parts are interconnected with Velcro.

Consists of 9 parts (8 boards + floor).

Availability of certificates for all materials and for the product itself.

Manufacturer - LLC "Dukor" TM "KIDIGO"

  • Delivery in Kyiv at the expense of the buyer
  • Delivery to regions is carried out at the rates «Novoi Poshty»
  • Pickup from the company
  • Installation products at an additional cost
  • he possibility of mounting and assembly of products outside Kyiv and Kyiv region negotiated in advance with the manager of
  • According to the account through any bank of Ukraine or in the office
  • To place an order requires advance payment or full payment for the goods
  • Delivery and shipment of goods is made after 100% payment
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