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Playground complex My City

Item No. 11354
Size 10,6х9,9х3,8
Height 1,2 м. и 1,5 м
7-12 years
Price: 298820 uah.

The play set for kids playground. Belongs to the classic line of the playground and landscape structures. The mega-playground complex for kids can perfectly fit for the multifunctional and large playground and landscape structures of a general purpose. It offers the advanced developmental benefits - integrates many different climbers to nurture different key skills with an emphasise on the cognitive. The multifunctional play set have been integrated in a structure of seven towers, two platforms, multiple climbers, the humped bridges, and two kids slides.



In production we use the materials of the exceptionally high quality and reliability.


1) Water-repellent glued laminated timber.

2) Water-resistant first grade plywood.

3) Metal slides of stainless steel.

4) Metal pipes of different diameters

5) The best European paints, primers and antiseptics


To give a tone and to add durability to the wooden and metal elements, we have coated wood in two layers of high-quality European paint, and the metallic elements in the elite glossy paints from Spanish manufacturer. Before painting wood and metal necessarily primed.


Age limitations

Playground complex “My City“ is designed for use by children aged 7 to 12 years.


Handling the product:
We recommend installing the components on the playgrounds, backyards, in the pre-school and school institutions, as well as in the private spot in the yard. You should inform the child about the rules how to use the product. For the reasons of the basic security, the recommended perimeter, restricted to install the other elements shall be 1.5 m. to all directions from the projection of the product.
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  • Delivery to regions is carried out at the rates «Novoi Poshty»
  • Pickup from the company
  • Installation products at an additional cost
  • he possibility of mounting and assembly of products outside Kyiv and Kyiv region negotiated in advance with the manager of
  • According to the account through any bank of Ukraine or in the office
  • To place an order requires advance payment or full payment for the goods
  • Delivery and shipment of goods is made after 100% payment
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