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Deep rung arch climber Arc

Item No. 221111
Size 3,54х0,74х1,77
от 12 years
Price: 9300 uah.

Playground component for the sports and playgrounds.



In production, we use materials  of the exceptionally high quality and reliability:

1) Metal pipes of different diameters 
2) The best European paints, primers and antiseptics.

All wooden ends treated with the special European coating that preserves the original appearance of wood for a long time.

To strengthen the deep shine and increase durability of the metal elements we are coating wood with the tree layers of the high-quality glossy paint from the Spanish manufacturer. Metal parts covered with primer and then painted. 

Age limitations.

Deep rung arch climber “Arc” shall be used by children aged from 12  years.


  • Delivery in Kyiv at the expense of the buyer
  • Delivery to regions is carried out at the rates «Novoi Poshty»
  • Pickup from the company
  • Installation products at an additional cost
  • he possibility of mounting and assembly of products outside Kyiv and Kyiv region negotiated in advance with the manager of
  • According to the account through any bank of Ukraine or in the office
  • To place an order requires advance payment or full payment for the goods
  • Delivery and shipment of goods is made after 100% payment
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