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Cover for playgrounds

Rubber anti traumatic border for running tracks and playgrounds
350 uah.
Square tiles
Square tiles
Square tiles are used for playgrounds, around swimming pools, tennis courts, gym, garden paths.
575 uah.
Ramp corner
Ramp corner
Secure and multilevel design of edge contributes convenient slide in and out of the playground.
375 uah.
Ramp edge
Ramp edge
For the convenience of slide in and out of the playground, set the one-sided edge.
440 uah.
Hexagonal tiles
Hexagonal tiles
This form of the title can be used to make more interesting design of playgrounds.
550 uah.
Surfacing mat
Surfacing mat
Mat is a cover for gyms and fitness rooms.
493 uah.

The main criterion to consider when selecting protective surface for the playground is safety. Very often the playground becomes a place where children, while playing, can be injured because of a lack of the specialized coatings.

 offers the secure rubber curbs, tiles and tile edges – the materials for the playgrounds. According to the recommendations of experts the rubber tile can be applied on surface as the traumatic-free playground material. This is the most economical, practical and convenient option. A variety of the shapes and color choices can transform an environment of your playground-surfaces into a cozy and elegant. Games of your children will be safe and comfortable. 

No matter how we, the adults, protect our kids from falling, - this incidence is inevitable. So, all we can do is to ensure the maximum security to those places where injuries happen most often.

Protective surface for kids playgrounds - the new technology for the outdoor safety flooring

Until now, mostly sand or fine gravel playground materials are the budgeted materials poured-in-place. Scratches and injuries, broken elbows and knees is a natural result of the games on the grounds with no safety flooring.

Modern design can allow to best protecting children at falling. Protective surfaces can provide excellent water drainage are non-slip, cushion the fall, and have a bright look. These are the most common types:

  • stone screening dust;
  • artificial grass;
  • natural grass;
  • rubber mulch;
  • rubber tiles;
  • wood chips.

The Playground can be divided into two parts. The area around the perimeter - a common area. A site for the leisure-time entertainment and 2 metres bordering - is a play-area. This area accounts for a major number of falls and injuries and, therefore, requires a special attention.

Safety assurance with the home delivery

KIDIGO™  offers a wide selection of materials for the playground surfacing.

  • surfacing mat;
  • curbs;
  • square and hexagonal tiles;
  • ramp edge and ramp corner tiles.

What are the benefits of our brand?

  • The tile has a relief surface and a smooth front facing layer. This increases the absorption of moisture and enhances softening and sound-absorbing effect.
  • Environmentally safe, easy to install and does not require additional care.
  • Can withstand temperature extremes from -30 ° to + 50 ° C.
  • Maintains cushioning properties, elasticity, and non-slip surface at any time of the year.
  • Variety of shapes, colors and sizes. This will contribute to the attractive design of your play area.
  • Delivery all over Ukraine, including in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Odessa and Lviv 

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