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Upholstered furniture

11000 uah.
Set of children
Set of children's furniture
Set for children's rooms, consisting of 6 modules (5 chairs, 1 table).
4465 uah.
Soft modular table can be used indoor and outdoor. It is easy to clean and disinfect.
2700 uah.
Soft modular chair will ensure maximum comfort for children.
850 uah.
Armchair KIDIGO
Armchair KIDIGO
Soft Module fit well into the room and create a pleasant atmosphere for the child.
1550 uah.
Modular Sofa allows children to have a good time sitting on it.
2170 uah.
Set KIDIGO Bedsit
Set KIDIGO Bedsit
Set Bedsit makes it easy to bring the room back in order. It can be fun for children.
8270 uah.
Set KIDIGO Bedsit-Lux
Set KIDIGO Bedsit-Lux
Set Bedsit-Lux looks wonderful - set of furniture designed in one style and color.
9670 uah.

Soft furniture - KIDIGO™(Ukraine)

It is always a favorite and functional interior of children's room!

Bright, comfortable, soft and safe kids foam-furniture, covered with multicolored washable polymer fabric for play-structures, play-rooms, and play-grounds. The modules can be manufactured with the colored side panels featured with the full color printing or applique patterns. The furniture is used for interior decoration and arranging the games for children. The product mix includes the seesaws, chairs, poufs and furniture sets can be produced as the ready made sets or as the separate modules according to the Customer request. Furniture units are light enough that allows children to arrange them themselves. 

The child is the same person as an adult. And the small size creates certain inconveniences. Of course, the ability to transform a dining table into the house is great, but, how to take a sit on the adult high chair and reach the big table, you will agree, is quite problematic.

Kids soft furniture in role-playing games with children

Children tend to learn more about the adult world and to try on different roles. This process is not only very exciting, but also allows parents and caregivers to simulate, through the game, different life situations and to know the response of the child in certain cases.

Furniture for children - is an indispensable attribute of preschool institutions and of many apartments. But strong and durable wooden tables and chairs are often the cause of injuries. To avoid this, you'd better buy soft baby furniture a wide range of which you will find here.
It has many advantages over wooden and plastic:

  • softness;
  • lightweightness;
  • bright colors;
  • strength;
  • resistance to wear and dirt;
  • ease of sanitization.

On the manufacturer's web site you can find the sets as well as the individual items: poufs, rocking&riding chairs, chairs. Products are made from high quality foam and polymer fabrics. The seams are stitched with the strong thread, the materials do not cause allergies, do not absorb moisture and odors, easily restore the form. The light weight allows moving them freely, even for the smallest children. And in combination with other play modules you will be able to create a full game center even in the apartment.


Kids soft furniture  with delivery over Ukraine


 KIDIGO™ is a producer of a variety of the Playground equipment. Before to get to the customer, all the materials and finished products are certified. Order soft furniture for your kid, and we will quickly produce and deliver it to you in any city of our country: Kiev, Donetsk, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Lvov and many others.

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