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 Bike parking Spiral
Bike parking Spiral
It can be made in any color and size you need!
5600 uah.
 Nowadays, the bike is increasingly used for everyday trips around the city, bike parks provide temporary safety bicycle transport and can be installed near supermarkets, shopping and entertainment and sports centers, offices, other public buildings and residential buildings.
How to choose a bike parking? The choice of bicycle parking design should be taken very carefully. Most cyclists take their two-wheeled friends very carefully. Therefore, our concern for the proper storage of bicycles will be appreciated by them. Cyclists will become your loyal customers.
Before you buy a bike parking, pay attention to the following factors:
 design reliability and quality of fasteners;
 materials of manufacture and coating;
 product appearance;
 The design of the bike parking should be able to keep the bike upright. Both wheels must be supported.
The choice of materials and design of the bike parking directly depends on its location and purpose.
A separate topic is bicycle parking. On the one hand, like any public property, they must be budgetary, and on the other hand, their strength and resistance to acts of vandalism play a huge role, especially if the territory is not protected. For these reasons, bicycle parking is often quite simple in design, and durable and high-quality materials are used in their manufacture. Metal bike parkings are almost universal: they can be installed anywhere - in the garden, in the park, on the territory of a commercial institution ... In addition, modern manufacturers are very deftly experimenting with combinations of materials, coatings and forms. Where to buy a bicycle parking in Kiev?
Today it is not a problem to buy a bicycle parking in Ukraine, but for many, the price issue is crucial. Each reseller establishes his “markup” on the goods, and nobody wants to overpay. That is why it is best to order products from the manufacturer. On the website of the KIDIGO ™ trademark, you will see beautiful and high-quality bike parking at affordable prices for everyone. Our site offers bicycle parkings of our own manufacture, the quality of which we are ready to vouch for. In their production, we use metal pipes of different diameters, as well as the best German and Spanish paints, primers and antiseptics. The bike parks purchased from us are distinguished by a stylish design and give their owners comfort and aesthetic pleasure for more than a dozen years.
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