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Entrance arch

Entrance arch  VMVA002
Entrance arch VMVA002
Colorful arch for the entrance to the park and the playground.
5160 uah.
Entrance arch VMVA003
Entrance arch VMVA003
An attractive arch can be decorated the entrance to the park.
9000 uah.
Entrance arch VMVA006
Entrance arch VMVA006
The entrance arch is made exclusively from high quality materials
5485 uah.

KIDIGO™ produces a wide selection of entrance arches for the playgrounds. Typically, the arch represents the name of the Playground, territorial or departmental affiliation, customer's logo.

Original entrance-arches will decorate and complement a yard and the adjacent territory by adding the completed impression. Very bright equipment not only decorates the entrance to the enclosing area, but can also correctly highlight the area's location. Because of the high quality materials, our entrance arches will serve for many years as delight to you and your children.
The entrance arch for the playgrounds and the sports structures. Entrance arches represent the entrance to the playgrounds.
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