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Swing Pride on a flexible suspension
Swing Pride on a flexible suspension
The structure needs on the playground, because it helps children in physical development.
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Swings  KIDIGO™ Twins on a flexible suspension
Swings KIDIGO™ Twins on a flexible suspension
Double swings for children on a flexible suspension. Your child definitely won’t be bored!
11720 uah.
Swings Strong on a flexible suspension
Swings Strong on a flexible suspension
The main characteristic of the swing is functional, simplicity and laconism.
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Swings Twist on a flexible suspension
Swings Twist on a flexible suspension
Children can play and swing together on this swing, leaving behind the all the quarrels.
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 Slide Ladybug
Slide Ladybug
Original and stylish swings decorates any children's playground.
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Baby swing with a climbing frame
Baby swing with a climbing frame
With such swing child will be happy to ride on the swing and climb the climbing frame, developing physically.
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Swing Mover Round
Swing Mover Round
The severity of the swing is distributed in such way that your child won’t be limited to the swinging directions.
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Swing Hurricane
Swing Hurricane
Comfortable Swing of pendulum type named «Hurricane».
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Swing Octopus
Swing Octopus
Swing Octopus acquired additional rigidity due to branching on 4 sectors on each side.
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Swing Octopus with 2 seats
Swing Octopus with 2 seats
This developing structure also has sports elements that will help children to develop physically.
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Swing Octopus with 4 seats
Swing Octopus with 4 seats
Children's structure is the best placed in public places where children often play.
25450 uah.
Swing Ocean with 2 seats
Swing Ocean with 2 seats
Swing Ocean with 2 seats - unusual and attractive children's swing.
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Swing Ocean with 4 seats
Swing Ocean with 4 seats
The main difference of this child's swing is an unusual and attractive design.
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Double swing
Double swing
Double seats swing is ideal for the design of your garden; you can use any playground and kindergarten.
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Swing Boat
Swing Boat
Boat-swings are designed for both personal and public usage.
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Modern playground swings: joy and a benefit for a child

Perhaps the most popular invention for fun and entertainment has long been the playground swings. Unforgettable flight experiences always involved both children and adults. But, apart from leisure time activities a very important role of the swings is in the physical development of the child.

Baby swings is a kind of a simulator. A child, without raising the least suspicion, and without the efforts of the part of adults can be involved in the physical exercise. Rhythmic rocking gives training to the vestibular system, improves balance and coordination. The time spent on the swings, contributes to the development of posture and strengthens the back muscles, muscles of arms and legs of a child.

Currently, swings along with the slides and trampolines are keeping the leading positions in the top of the products for the playgrounds and equipment for entertainment. This leisure-time entertainment is the most popular, because it helps to organize the, recreation and a physical development of a child at the lowest cost and does not require much space for installation.

If you would have decided to buy playground swings, you may contact the manufacturers.

When choosing a swing you should give a priority to the strength and safety, because the swing is not just a play component or a room facility, but the real leisure-time entertainment. Your choice can determine the health of our children.

Therefore, when buying a gaming complex you would better establish a direct contact to the manufacturers rather than intermediaries.

Our company, with many years of experience in production of swings and the other equipment for playground structures, will provide you with all the necessary quality assurance guarantying the delivery due date and installation services.

Humanity ever dreams of heaven. Freedom and joy of flight, the wind beating in a face, skipping heart-beats, flashing leaves - how can you forget these magical sensations granted by the swings!

Playground swings grant play and a physical training

Swing is a common name for the several types of leisure-time entertainments. There are such varieties:

  • pendulum;
  • spring;
  • Carousels;
  • balancing beams.

Let us detail about the first type - the pendulum swings. In fact, the familiar from childhood, integral element of each playground, was more than a source of the unforgettable impressions. It really was the first simulator, to develop the vestibular, motor skills, and different muscle groups. This role in the process of child development can hardly be overestimated. The rhythmic swinging give training to the vestibular system: improve balance and coordination of movements. In addition, such movements can perfectly develop the posture and strengthen the back muscles, as well as the muscles of the hands and feet.

Criteria of the optimal choice

In the selection of swing for the playground, consider the following:

  • age limitations;
  • available free space;
  • the likely number of users.

What does this mean? For example, you are setting up a ground for kindergarten madcaps from 2 to 6 years. In this case, it is advisable to use swing with rigid anchorages and seats with the backrests. In the yard, with the kids of all ages playing, but with the limited space for a playground, you can use swings with the backrests, and with the simple seats. Also, very suitable can be the "Rope Access Ramp", "Boat" and even "MoverRound". In private homes, it is good a swing with a one seat or mounted at one point. For the children older than five years old will be good "Mover Round», and for eight years old - "Hurricane". And, for schools and summer camps will be ideal the 4-seating "Octopus" and "Ocean".

Purchase and delivery

Here you can buy playground swings at price which will pleasantly surprise you. We will be happy to deliver them in any region of Ukraine, including Kyiv, Donetsk, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk and Lviv.

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