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Carousel Roundabout
Carousel Roundabout
Rolling on carousel " Roundabout " is favorite pastime for many children.
24770 uah.
Carousel Labyrinth
Carousel Labyrinth
We recommend to all lovers of puzzles carousel "Labyrinth".
12920 uah.
Carousel Kid
Carousel Kid
Carousel "Kid" is equipped with a steering wheel - kids can spin carousel by themselves.
9340 uah.
Carousel Medusa
Carousel Medusa
Carousel Medusa - one of the most beloved children's amusement. You can ride this carousel by standing on it and holding on to the handrails.
15500 uah.
Carousel with the steering wheel Revolve Me
Carousel with the steering wheel Revolve Me
This model is equipped with a wheel - kids can rotate the carousel themselves.
17625 uah.
 Carousel Three Petals
Carousel Three Petals
Standard carousel for children's playgrounds, which is equipped with seatings.
16390 uah.

 Modern carousels are a fun for children

Carousel is one of the most beloved leisure-time entertainments for children Carousels always arise interest from children of different ages and call up to the memories of the adults about the joyful and serene times. Modern carousels are the fabulous leisure-time entertainments of different styles and dimensions. At any site, in any park with the leisure-time entertainments or the gaming system, carousels are the most important elements of the playground structures. Very colorful, bright, involving both the children and adults carousels create a beautiful space in a place of leisure time activities and give joy to all! Riding the carousel is not only a fun and play. Rotation in different directions perfectly develops the vestibular apparatus of a child, laying the basis for the better coordination. Everyone knows that future astronauts get trained on 'carousels'; they only rotate simultaneously in 3 dimensions.

Purchasing a carousel is the responsible task. Attend the professionals

Today, the carousels hold the leading positions in the product mix of play components for the open areas equal to swings. Enduring, easy to maintain structures are manufactured in accordance to the highest safety standards. Our company has been engaged in manufacturing for several years, with the particular emphasis on fabrication from the high quality and durable materials, because they can affect not only a service life, but also the safety of your child. During this time we have assisted in finding and buying the carousels to many individuals and institutions: kindergartens, public educational institutions, hotels and resorts.

How to forget the wonderful sensation of the wind battering in the face and of the rapidly whirling scenery! No wonder, the carousels is one of the most popular attractions for children and a source of the unforgettable impressions.

Carousels - a bit of history

Attraction dates back to XVI century, replacing the jousting tournaments. Most often they included demonstration horse performances and ballets. By the way, at that time the word "carousel" was masculine. In the XVIII century thanks to French engineers, came to use the first mechanical structures, where the visitors were asked to hit a spear target or withdraw a ring from the poles. Over time, the structure was simplified, until has finally settled with a look friendly to us from the childhood.

An important element of playing     

Carousel with equal success can be used in the equipment of the yards, park sites, as well as kindergartens and the summer camps. It is an indispensable attribute for entertainment and mental and physical development of children of preschool and younger school age. Being a group leisure-time entertainment, it trains the vestibular system and the coordination of movements, and also plays an important role in the socialization of a child

There are the following types:

  • simplified simulators, so-called "drums";
  • decks with the handles;
  • seats-chairs with the central fixing;
  • combined

How to buy a carousel for children?

When selecting equipment for playgrounds, in the first place, a focus should be on the age category of children. For the kindergartens, the most suitable option will be "Try Pelustky", "Obertalka" or "Pokruty», can be used by children under 2-7 years. And for a summer camp, with the older children, the excellent option is "Meduza", "Maluk", and "Labirynt". In addition, "Ptashka", "Maluk" and "Vuhor" will be optimal choice for the small sites.

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