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Swing balancer

Seesaw Classic
Seesaw Classic
Seesaw "Classic" - frameless comfortable seesaw for kids.
6670 uah.
Seesaw Elite
Seesaw Elite
Seesaw "Elite" made in a modern design, characterized by particular strength and safety.
6080 uah.
Seesaw Wave
Seesaw Wave
Seesaw "Wave" is made of strong metal tubes, with plastic seats.
4850 uah.
Seesaw Yoke
Seesaw Yoke
The unusual form of the model provides the opportunity for kids to ride on it with different amplitude and speed
4200 uah.
Seesaw Start with a metal frame
Seesaw Start with a metal frame
The classic model of a seesaw, but it has been strengthened by a metal frame.
7100 uah.

Swing and seesaws are fun and play for children

Seesaw - is another indispensable attribute of the playground. Also, the good old friend has transfigured and received a new birth. Thanks to engineering and design solutions, seesaw swings developed the attractive forms through the various modifications. Kids have an interest to this entertainment, developed by the designers - the seats manufactured as an animal or a vehicle, can allow swinging in a set of two, and sometimes of four. In addition, seesaws facilitate children to exercise the ability to keep a balance. And, because they rise to a small height, the risk of injury is reduced practically to zero.

The design features of the seesaws allow to install them in the parks, for the leisure-time entertainment, integrated into the playground structures, suburban areas, gaming systems, and in the courtyards of the residential areas. In addition, the beautiful design contributes to the cultural identity of the sites in the residential areas. If you are interested to buy the seesaws, the optimal ratio of price and quality, plus a convenient form of delivery will attract both private users and organization. A product mix, featuring a variety of colors and patterns will satisfy the most demanding consumer. In addition, you can order the playground sandboxes by request.

The ancient people used to saying that movement is life. From the first days the kids make the efforts to explore the environment. Fresh air and the physical activity can be simulative to the adaptive processes in the bodies of children, help to grow faster. Challenging the limits of an apartment, child constantly strives to expand the boundaries of the explored space. Games carry to outdoors where a favorite place is the playground.

Seesaw – is the active outdoor games, as a tool for the harmonious development

There are a lot of games developing in children the necessary communication and social skills, training attention, memory and speech. But, no less important is the physical aspect of the development of the kid. And, the playgrounds are the instruments to help the parents.

One of the most popular playground components are the seesaws and swings. The entire mix: seesaws, pendulums, carousel and swings - promote to exercising the musculoskeletal and vestibular systems. Swinging, children train to keep balance, improve coordination of the movements. And, even getting used to coordinate their actions with the others.

New trends in creating playgrounds

Modern seesaw is a great element of any playing area. Engineering and design idea is not staying still on one place to improve the leisure-time entertainment facilities, to add the new and compelling forms. That allows not only to bring joy to children, but also to significantly contribute to the cultural identity on a territory. Design provides the high but equally resistant materials to external weather impacts. Due to the impregnation and high-quality paint, wooden parts perfectly tolerate temperature changes are the humidity resistant to corrosive and sunlight impacts. And, rounded edges and the low seats make them safe for kids.

KIDIGOTM - your reliable partner

Here you can buy seesaw for the country-house as well as for the large yards. We will promptly deliver your purchase to any area of Ukraine: Odessa, Donetsk, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov and Lvov.

For production we use materials of the exceptionally high quality and reliability:

1) Wooden board

 2) Metal pipes of different diameters

 3) The best European paints, primers and antiseptics


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