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Plastic slopes

3700 uah.
The plastic slide KIDIGO Wave 1,2 m
The plastic slide KIDIGO Wave 1,2 m
Slide is made of high quality materials resistant to fading when exposed to sunlight.
9200 uah.
The plastic slide KIDIGO™
The plastic slide KIDIGO™
Slide is represented in blue, yellow, red and green color.
2800 uah.
The fiberglass slide KIDIGO Wave H 1,5 м
The fiberglass slide KIDIGO Wave H 1,5 м
Perfectly smooth surface allows to slide with the maximum comfort.
11900 uah.
The fiberglass slide KIDIGO H 1,2 м
The fiberglass slide KIDIGO H 1,2 м
With the latest technology, slides are durable and safe for health.
7800 uah.
The fiberglass slide KIDIGO Spiral  H 1,5м
The fiberglass slide KIDIGO Spiral H 1,5м
Slide is designed for an exciting and fast descent of children. It will take a great pleasure for your children.
12100 uah.

An integral element of any playground for kids is the slide. KIDIGO  offers a wide selection of safe plastic slides of various heights and colors

Plastic slides for kids
have been the established magnet among the little fellows, the right place just to go and play, as well as to compete. Our slides are of a very high quality, as a consequence resistant to the adverse external factors, to translation of the materials and to stress.


This slide is not heated in the sun, does not burn the legs of a child in summer. The slide is not only a great fun for a child but also an opportunity to relax for parents. After all, when riding on a plastic slide kid is fully protected and safe.


Ask any child, what kind of a playground they love more and most likely the answer will be a slide. Oh, this is the thrilling sensation of a free fall! How exciting it can be: climb to the top of the steep stairs, sit down on the floor, look at everybody from the top down, and push off ... Or, on a bet, can start the exiting competition of overcoming a slippery slope, or climbing back on the slope again. Familiar memories, aren’t they?

Of course, mainly, the kids had not been allowed to slide the high Soviet slides. While the small slides could not be found through all the yards. Fortunately, the times differ

Kids plastic slides - the modern components for the playgrounds

There are many articles and presentable scientific studies about a process of influence of a game process on a child development. It is well known that games with peers can allow to actively developing all facets of personality, to form communication skills, to train memory, attention and logic. As well as develop and strengthen the musculoskeletal system.


The slides play, by no means, the least role in this process. Taking advantage of a continued popularity, they are gathering around the others, gradually socializing and educating to behave in a group. Ladders - a great exercise for arms and legs, and the upper playground platform trains not to be afraid of heights.


If earlier, the decent surface was made of iron, burning feet in a sunny hot day, now there is a better alternative of the plastic slides. They do not lose color and smoothness for the years, are strong, light and safe. In addition, casting makes them of the complex shapes.

We have a wide range of product for delivery all over Ukraine

offers to your attention:

  • The plastic slides with a height from 0.6 to 1.5 m of different colors;
  • double slides;
  • fiberglass slides;
  • slide – "Spiral".

Here, you can buy the plastic slides at the price which will pleasantly surprise you. Order now and we will immediately make your delivery. Odessa, Kiev, Donetsk, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, and Lviv are, by no means, the incomplete list of the destinations where the products can be delivered.

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