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Modern street furniture is the essential attribute of urban development. Modern market has established the strict requirements to the elements of the street furniture. It must be ergonomic, functional, of the highest quality and offering the convenient design. We are offering the garden summerhouse, and benches. )


The main feature of the street furniture from MVM™ is in the optimal combination of all the necessary parameters. The objective of the products from the Ukrainian trade mark is to decorate and to improve the cultural identity of our lives, save space, create conditions for relaxation and cleanliness of the city. Integration of the architectural, compositional, artistic patterns of formation and organization of space allow to create the street furniture meet the requirements of the modern market


Reliability of all the items of street furniture and a high level of artistic design, based on our rich experience and professionalism contributed to the rapid growth in popularity of MVM™ in Ukraine.


We can offer you an opportunity to make an optimal choice from a large variety of the products. Reasonable prices and quality are the main indicators of our site amenities.


Garden (street) furniture will help you to create the ideal conditions for leisure time activities.


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