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Project Manager on children's and sports equipment

Professional requirements:
  • experience as a sales manager;
  • experience in sales - from 2 years;
  • understanding of what should be the basic earnings from interest;
  • high literacy speech and writing;
  • PC knowledge at the level of an experienced user, org.tehnika;
  • knowledge bases of sales;
Personal qualities:
  • communication skills;
  • initiative;
  • neatness;
  • good looking;
  • logical thinking;
  • punctuality;
  • the ability to think creatively and produce new ideas;
  • active and constant search for clients;
  • regular meetings with new and old customers;
  • regular trips (1 every 1-2 months);
  • maintaining order from beginning to its completion;
  • billing, contracts, certificates with their clients;
  • proposals for the organization of production;
  • maintaining a database of customers;
  • participation in exhibitions and visits;
  • formation of orders for production;
  • regular monitoring of competitors;
  • preparation of sales plans each quarter;

We offer:
  • wages, interest and bonuses (discussed in person);
  • pay for mobile communications;
  • pay the costs of transport;
  • wages without delay;
  • pay all costs associated with the work.
Type of employment: Full-time

Contact: Katryn
 tell. 067 - 353 - 84 - 03 


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